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Local Child Fucking Knows

A CAT-AND-MOUSE game of nerves has broken out in the home of one Waterford family this year, as the parents of a 4th Class boy become increasingly aware that their son knows ‘the deal’ with Santa Clause. Louise and Michael Dornan, the parents of 9-year-old Phillip, were certain that last year was their son’s ‘last…

“Woo, Christmas Party Tonight,” Reveals Coworker Who Will Later Be Fired For Their Behaviour

EXCITEDLY skipping across the floor in the office of a Waterford based business, one coworker has expressed their delight at the impending Christmas party, completely unaware their future conduct at the festivities will see them fired almost immediately. Rubbing his hands together with considerable glee, Stephen Handratty (24) loudly proclaimed “woo! Christmas party tonight, can’t… Read more »

WWN Gift Guide For Dads

YOUR Dad has been there for you from day one, helpful, supportive and loving… and you’re just going to give him a Lynx set for Christmas? You ingrate. You horrible person. Show a bit of God damn love and respect for the most important person in your life with the following gift ideas for Dad:… Read more »

Family Going To Take Mother Up On Her ‘Don’t Get Me Anything For Christmas’ Bullshit This Year

FOLLOWING years of festive exasperation, one Waterford family is to call their mother’s bluff and get her nothing for Christmas, as per her request every year since records began. Maureen O’Lennon, matriarch of the Lennon family, has replied with ‘ach, don’t be getting me anything’ or ‘don’t go to any trouble, I’m grand’ every single… Read more »