RTÉ Christmas Guide Replaced By Netflix Browsing Menu


THIS YEAR will represent the first ever year Irish families will formally adopt the Netflix home browsing menu as their key guide this Christmas, formally replacing the RTÉ Christmas Guide.

Time honoured Christmas tradition in Ireland has always placed the bumper 14,000 page special edition RTÉ Guide at the centre of TV viewing, however the vast majority of households have now migrated to the Netflix browsing menu for their Christmas viewing.

“Yeah, even though the Guide will have a 64-page spread on Dáithí Ó’Sé’s favourite noises, it’s not enough to draw families in anymore. They prefer arguing over whether or not to watch Kurt Russell being Santa Claus,” confirmed TV and family expert Peter Langton.

Critics of the move have pointed out that the RTÉ Guide contains all manner of unique one-off terrestrial TV broadcast listings and is an excellent way to keep on top of TV viewing whereas the Netflix browsing menu locks people into an endless cycle of browsing without ever choosing.

“It’s tradition God damn it, I plead with everyone to stick to the Guide! I heard of a family in Longford there last year who sat down Christmas Eve to pick something on Netflix and two weeks later they were found dead, not a show or movie watched between them. Couldn’t decide on anything, it was tragic stuff,” confirmed one person who swore they didn’t work for the RTÉ Guide.