Outrage As Police Officer Acquitted After Shooting Unarmed Kid


THE LAPD has faced renewed criticism after reinstating the police officer at the centre of an incident which resulted in the death of an innocent teenager.

Sgt. Al Powell pleaded guilty to shooting the unarmed 13-year-old boy, after mistaking the toy ray gun in the child’s hand for a real weapon. Following the killing, Powell returned to his post with full pay, prompting uproar from a community who did not accept Powell’s excuse that the weapon ‘looked real enough’.

In the time since the incident, the phrase ‘looked real enough’ has become the hashtag of choice for protesters, who have become increasingly vocal after years of police facing zero repercussions after carelessly or wantonly gunning down innocent civilians.

“Our anger looks real enough,” said one protester, minutes before getting pepper-sprayed outside one Los Angeles Police Department precinct.

“This guy shot a 13-year-old kid, and they just took him off the street and gave him a cushy desk job instead. It’s typical police state mentality, and all it says is that cops can do whatever they want and get away with it. But they can’t! Our voice is real enough! Our rights are real enough! Hey, wait, is that pepper spray?”

Powell has not commented on the matter, but sources close to the father of one suggest that he has fallen victim to a chronic Twinky addiction since the incident.