4 Signs He’s Going To Propose Over Christmas


CHRISTMAS is without doubt THE time to propose to the love of your life, with marriage experts concluding that anyone who has gotten engaged outside of the festive season are a bunch of losers.

The merriment of the season, combined with the love you feel for the one form a potent mix of undeniable joy, so you may be asking yourself if there are any signs you should look out for in order to ascertain whether your other half has gone and bought a ring and is ready to pop the question.

WWN is, as always, on hand to guide you through this monumental matrimonial prequel we call ‘getting engaged’:

1) He’s been awful quiet recently

Not Whatsapping you with the frequency he once did, turns over in bed to sleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. Bless him, he’s a bag of nerves wondering how best to drop to one knee.

2) He’s changed his relationship status to ‘It’s Complicated’

Of course he has, trying to hire out a private jet to fly you to New York at short notice for the most romantic proposal ever can be very complicated.

3) Out on the piss ’til all hours five nights in a row

Getting excited about popping the question, he’s likely out with ‘the lads’ mulling over how best to utter the immortal words ‘will you marry me’. His decision to sleep on the couch each night, is some sort of tribute to a bygone era when loved up couples couldn’t possibly live in sin by sharing a bed. He’s always been a bit traditional that way. He didn’t even come home another night such is his respect and dedication to the institution of getting engaged.

4) His suitcase is packed and over by the front door

This is it! But bless him, he’s looked shocked to see you as he was putting the finishing touches to a romantic note. “Look, we need to talk” he says. He always was a romantic softy.