Ireland’s Last Remaining Goth Passes Away


GRIEF stricken mourners took to the area outside the Central Bank in Dublin’s city centre to pay their respects to Ireland’s last remaining goth. The dwindling goth population in Ireland now stands at zero following the passing of Síofra Hanratty, a 14-year-old Dublin native with a love of all things miserable and black. “I went… Read more »

Soldiers Of Odin Group Stage Protest Against Tropical Fish At Galway Aquarium


THE GALWAY branch of the anti-Islamic group Soldiers of Odin have taken to an aquarium outside the city today to protest ‘tropical fish’, stating they will keep patrolling the tank for as long as it takes. The gang, dressed in black hoodies and crusty combats made in Indian sweatshops, stared at the aquarium in an intimidating manner for several hours, while making… Read more »