EDITORS NOTE: Here’s How To See WWN Posts After The Facebook Changes

Good after morning, Due to the appalling rise in fake news and alternative media, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is thankfully making it harder for users to make their own decisions and seeing content from publisher pages that they wish to follow, instead prioritising more important content like family and friend’s posts. We absolutely love this genius idea… Read more »

Work Colleague Can Give It, But Can’t Take It

FOR Cathal Murphy, having the bants with friends and work colleagues is what life is all about, that is, however, until someone bants him back, a source close to the man has confirmed to WWN. “He usually picks on people that he knows won’t fight back,” exasperated work colleague Theresa Hayes explains, “he’s not even funny… Read more »

Local Couple Somehow Spending Evening Watching Dancing With The Stars

FOR a second consecutive week a local Waterford couple have against all odds found themselves sitting through an entire episode of Dancing With The Stars, WWN has learned. Heather Baffin and Peter Gilly, both 32, have previously expressed their outright dislike of entertainment programmes featuring dancing and celebrities, however, despite this fact and the ready… Read more »