Man Transported To Cork After Unlocking Hellraiser Box

THERE are some forces that humankind was never meant to tamper with, as one unfortunate local man discovered today after unlocking an ancient puzzle box and being transported to deepest darkest Cork. After discovering the gold-encrusted cube in an antique store in Waterford city earlier this week, James Kennelly soon discovered that what he had… Read more »

Grim Scenes As Local Head-Melter Strikes Again

GARDAI have stated that a discovery at a Waterford house party early Sunday morning is the work of a renowned local head-melter in the area, who has seemingly reappeared on the after-hours scene after a period of being away. A special response unit was called to disperse the gathering at a home in John’s Park, with reports suggesting the call was made… Read more »

Flies Just Taking The Piss At This Stage

WITH Ireland still in the throes of a full-on plague of flies, WWN has gained exclusive access to the irritating insect’s chief commander, who has admitted that they’re just having a bit of a laugh at this stage. With concerns mounting worldwide about the decline in pollinating insects such as bees, there was slight relief… Read more »