Man Unable To Unfollow Twitter Users He Fucking Hates

CASTING aside conventional social media logic, which suggests that users only follow or subscribe to people that they share interests with, one Waterford man has decided to continue following Twitter accounts of people he absolutely hates. “It’s just an addiction at this stage, ” said James Fennel, who posts on Twitter under the name @Jf1980biggballz. “I… Read more »

Millennial Just Glad To Be Labelled Something

FOR County Clare man, David Corbett, being a millennial is something to be proud of, especially since he has received no other title in his short 35 years of existence. “I’ve been called a lot of things in my time, but nothing worthwhile or suitable to repeat here,” the Ennis resident explains, “I work as an… Read more »

Local Dad Always Crying Lately

A COUNTY Waterford family has made a renewed appeal today for father and husband Dermot Walsh, claiming the 46-year-old has spontaneously been leaking water from his eyes on numerous occasions over the past few months. Daughter Theresa Walsh said the phenomenon began shortly after losing his job in May, when she found him hegging like a child in the… Read more »