Idiot 5-Year-Old Thinks She Graduated From Play School

A COUNTY Waterford child who has been attending play school since September last year actually thinks she graduated from it, despite not doing any exams or tests in the entire nine month period she has been there. Parents Derek and Jane Thompson confirmed that daughter Jessica “fell hook, line, and sinker” for a cunning graduation… Read more »

Ireland To Be Hotter Than Your Cousin Sinéad This Week

PARTS of the Ireland will be hotter that your first cousin, Sinéad, this week with the rest of the country following not too far behind. The sexy South East is set to rival Sinéad’s perfectly proportioned frame and firm behind, even surpassing her when she was in her high teens. “Phwoar, Wexford is going to be absolutely… Read more »

Where Are They Now: Gurning Rave Guy

As part of our Where Are They Now series, WWN revisits some of the biggest pop culture icons from the past twenty years in a bid to stimulate your deteriorating memory and securing this fine publication a click. This week we send roving reporter Paddy Browne to Preston, England, to meet with the infamous ‘Gurning Face Guy’… Read more »