Office Creep Only Communicating In Sexual Innuendos

IN AN EFFORT to make any female coworker he comes into contact with recoil in horror, self-proclaimed ladies man Cormac Kinshart abides by the outlook that inane work discussion should not be devoid of sexual innuendo, WWN can confirm. Working in Waterford solicitor’s firm Gack, Horgan, Mullen, Gack & Associates, Kinshart has carved out a… Read more »

“The Power Of Christ Compels You” Screams The Pope After Tackling Trump To The Ground

REPORTS emanating from the Vatican this morning contrast greatly with the official accounts of US President Donald Trump’s first meeting with Pope Francis, WWN can confirm. The first meeting between the two leaders had been much anticipated after the Pope decried the toxic messages Trump shared on his presidential campaign, solidified by Republican budget proposals… Read more »

Nation Ordered To Apologise To Sean Fitzpatrick

AS PENANCE for inconveniencing disgraced former chairman of Anglo Irish Bank Sean Fitzpatrick, the Nation has been ordered by the courts to apologise profusely for expecting white collar crime to be recognised by the Irish State. “I think it would only be appropriate if the public stop whatever it is they’re doing right now, and… Read more »