Greenbinado Building Strength Over Dublin

THE media are calling Storm Doris one of the most vicious weather systems to ever hit Ireland, and things are only getting worse with the announcement that the gale force winds have whipped up a whirlwind of green bins in the Dublin area, which reporters are dubbing a ‘Greenbinado’. With Storm Doris hitting on a Wednesday, two… Read more »

“Bollocks, They Found Us”: NASA Receive First Audio From New Planets

RADIO signals emerging from the newly-discovered ‘TRAPPIST-1’ planetary system have been decoded by linguistic experts at NASA, confirming the existence of extraterrestrial lifeforms who want ‘no part of Earth’s bullshit’. There was great excitement from astronomy enthusiasts earlier this week following the discovery of seven planets in the ‘habitable’ zone of a nearby solar system;… Read more »