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Dislikeable Party Elect Dislikeable Leader

IGNORING a national yearning for political change as evidenced by the recent general election results, one dislikeable Irish political party has stuck to its guns by electing their most dislikeable leader yet; water metre touting, egotistical roaring sociopath Alan Kelly, WWN can unfortunately confirm. Speaking to WWN from his Tipperary home surrounded by homemade paper… Read more »

Labour Party Put Ad In Paper For Grave Digger

FOLLOWING on from Brendan Howlin’s resignation as party leader the Labour party have wasted no time in finding a suitable successor and will now seek to appoint a grave digger to finish off the job believed to have been initially undertaken in 2011. “We need someone with the relevant experience to ensure this hole we’ve… Read more »

Jeremy Corbyn Wakes From 2-Year Coma

BRITAIN is still experiencing the aftershocks of a political earthquake following Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s sudden awakening from a coma which saw him lie stationary in bed, unable to function or direct the Labour party, and trapped in a braindead-like state for roughly 2 years. Bolting upright Corbyn took in a deep breath as if… Read more »

Government To Return Medical Cards In Exchange For Votes

The HSE will now review the process which saw discretionary medical cards revoked from a number of patients with serious illnesses but many have accused the Government of engaging in a cynical political ploy. A Government insider revealed that the updated process may well involve seriously ill citizens give the majority coalition partner, Fine Gael,… Read more »