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Local Man Just One Booster Away From Free Coffee

EXCITEDLY rolling up his sleeve and dreaming of a lactose free latte, Waterford man Cian Downley bristled with delight as his local pharmacist marked out another stamp on his vaccine loyalty card. Having previously craned his neck to see over the shoulder of the person in front of him in the queue, Downley reveled in… Read more »

Parading Vulnerable Overweight People On TV Like Cattle Just What Nation Needs Right Now

BURNT out from weeks of liquid induced socialising and general debauchery, the Irish nation sat down to watch their favourite annual diet-based reality tv program, Operation Transformation, in the hopes of feeling better about themselves and realising they may not be as self-loathing as initially thought, in comparison. “I’m usually at my darkest hour come… Read more »

Macron’s ‘Listen Here You Fucking Idiots’ Plea To Unvaccinated Not Going As Well As Planned

IN A BID to persuade those French people still reluctant to participate in the Covid-19 vaccination programme, French president Emmanuel Macron has stated he wants to be ‘a pain in the ass’ to unvaccinated people sparking widespread condemnation of his tone and language. “You think that’s bad, listen here you fucking idiots get the fucking… Read more »