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Local Woman Choosing Supermarket Based On Quality Of Hand Sanitiser At Door

WATERFORD mother-of-three Carol Doolin would have never considered herself a connoisseur of alcohol-based hand-sanitising products in the pre-COVID era, but these days she openly admits avoiding shops that have sub-par sanitiser on offer. “Avoid Super Valu, they’ve got that horrible greasy stuff that smells like diesel” Doolin advised her friends on their weekly Hand Sanitiser… Read more »

Irish ‘Patriot’ Only Wears Mask At Anti-Mask Protest

DESPITE refusing to wear a mask in shops, restaurants, hospitals, public transport, basically anywhere that insists on it, Simon O’Bawlin ignored all government advice against the spread of Covid-19 among his country’s most vulnerable people for the past three months before finally donning a freshly made tricolour mask to attend an anti-mask rally. “Pedo scum… Read more »

FactCheck: No, It’s Not Correct To Say Only A Paraplegic Vegan Goat Named Fergal Died From Covid-19 In Ireland

IN WHAT could be perceived as a cynical attempt to copy conspiracy style videos emanating from countries with large numbers of demented idiots, a video from an Irishman was circulated online recently in which he argued that Covid-19 was an overblown nonsense and the public is being duped as to the nature of the death… Read more »

WHO Concerned Deaf Ears May Be New Covid-19 Symptom

AS CASES of Covid-19 among young people steadily rise across Europe and India surpasses Brazil in total number of cases, the WHO has issued a new warning about a previously unknown possible symptom, WWN can confirm. After almost 9 straight months of repeatedly issuing warnings, hygiene advice and urging commonsense the WHO now fears that… Read more »

Nation Books Week After September 21st Off

NEWS described by many as the perfect opportunity for Ireland to prove it is no longer a nation of pissheads, employers up and down the country are now reporting being inundated with mass requests for holidays following the 21st of September; the date the government now say ‘wet’ pubs will reopen on. The welcome reopening… Read more »