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Opposition Parties Spend Day Erasing Evidence That They Called For End To Restrictions

WHILE identifying the latest staggering ineptitude of the government and their Covid strategy is as hard as finding a needle in a needle factory, leading opposition parties are themselves busily erasing any evidence they loudly called for the end to all restrictions on the basis that ‘this Covid business was completely over’, WWN has learned…. Read more »

How To Build An ICU Bed

AS Covid cases once again soar in our nation, our lack of ICU beds is once again highlighted. Despite tackling the pandemic for almost two years, we still find ourselves with a lack of facilities to treat those who get hit the hardest by the virus. More ICU beds = more capacity to treat people… Read more »

Local Man Prepared To Spend Next Hour Debating Vaccination Rules With Part-Time Cafe Worker

WATERFORD patriot Eamon Birde is prepared to spend a significant part of his morning laying out chapter and verse of the constitution as he insists that local cafe Scrumcious serve him a bacon sandwich despite his non-vaccinated status. “I appreciate everything you’re saying sir, but I’m a 19-year-old minimum wage worker and I don’t really… Read more »

Man Impales Brain With First Attempt At Home Antigen Test

A ‘READ the instructions and take your time’ appeal has been reissued by authorities as the use of antigen tests in Ireland becomes more widespread and an essential part of curbing the spread of Covid-19, with safety concerns being expressed after one Waterford man’s mishap. “They were all saying it’s straightforward even an idiot could… Read more »