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Local Man Can’t Get Covid For Love Nor Money

WITH the summer holidays quickly approaching and a whole pile of things on his to-do list, Waterford man Seamus Pringle has set out to finally catch coronavirus for the first time. Pringle, 36, feels he has managed to avoid the infection for the entirety of the pandemic thanks to adequate social distancing, mask-wearing and good… Read more »

Single-Use Mask Set To Last Local Man Entire Pandemic

WITH the end of the Covid-19 pandemic in sight, Waterford man Eamon O’Mallen is confident that the same blue-and-white medical face-mask he’s been using since June of 2020 will ‘go the distance’, WWN can sadly report. “It was my daughter who got me a mask back when all this started, saying ‘Dad would you for… Read more »

Public Doesn’t Need Secret Recordings To Tell HSE Management Haven’t A Clue: Report

IN THE aftermath of The Business Post obtaining secret recordings of Department of Health officials discussing how they little trust there is in the financial reporting of the HSE, which speaks to widespread dysfunction across the board at senior management level, the public has confirmed ‘no shit Sherlock’. “We’re shocked I tell you, shocked,” said… Read more »

Local Man Can’t Be In Same Room As Tequila Since 2004 Incident

TEQUILAPHOBIA continues to be a issue that affects one in four Irish people according to recent studies, with sufferers such as Waterford’s Eamon Killeen reporting that even the slightest sniff of the Mexican spirit causes incredibly violent reactions. In most cases, including Killeen’s, their aversion to the spirit stems from a bout of over-consumption which… Read more »