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Tickets For NPHET’s Final Briefing Sell Out In Minutes

AFTER ANNOUNCING their final live briefing gig before they go into ‘surveillance mode’, tickets for NPHET’s swansong have sold out in a matter of minutes, WWN can reveal. The demand for tickets to everybody’s favourite Covid monitoring public healh group is such that ticket reselling sites are already listing seats for the late October gig… Read more »

Health Fucked No Matter What You Do, Finds Study

SENIOR health officials have recommended that everyone should crack into the gin and the quarter pounders as soon and as often as possible, ‘for all the difference it makes’ in the grand scheme of things. The announcement comes following research that suggests that exercising may cause high levels of calcium in coronary arteries, leading to… Read more »

Who’s Responsible For The HSE Hack? We Investigate

THE OBVIOUS answer as to what type of person or group that has hacked into the HSE’s IT system and disrupted the health service’s ability to delivery critically important services such as care for cancer sufferers could very well be that the perpetrators are simply vile scum or state-sponsored vile scum attempting to extort or… Read more »