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World Loses Count Of What Covid Wave It’s On Now

GERMANY has become the latest country in the world to implement newly tightened lockdown restrictions as Europe prepares itself for the onset of the third wave of Covid-19, or possibly the fourth wave, depending on who you listen to. “You don’t count the first lockdown, just like you don’t say a newborn baby is 1”… Read more »

Man Out Jogging With Friends Never Shuts The Fuck Up

FRIENDS and acquaintances of Dublin man Jeremy Hayes have today staged an intervention for the jogging enthusiast over his continued tirade of absolute shite talk while running, calling on him to just take the time to casually chat now and again and enjoy the moment. Hellbent on proving how fit he is by continually waffling,… Read more »

Calpol Loaded Into Syringes In Bid To Make Up Vaccine Shortfall

WHILE there has been increasingly encouraging news on vaccine supplies in the last week, an impatience among the Irish public has prompted the government to further bolster vaccine supplies with a tried and tested reliable name in the field of Irish medicine solutions. Dubbed an Irish solution to an Irish problem, vaccine administrators up and… Read more »