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ALERT: Americans With Coronavirus Symptoms Are Being Asked To Cough Directly Onto President Trump

US HEALTH officials grappling with containing the spread of the Coronavirus have issued a number of emergency alerts to citizens in an effort to keep the public up to date and informed on the troubling disease. Chief among the alerts was an appeal for all those experiencing symptoms associated with Coronavirus such as fever, coughing… Read more »

Coronavirus 80% Scarier Now It Has A Code Name

THE World Health Organisation has garnered the attention of every man, woman and child who had up to this point ignored the Coronavirus outbreak; simply by referring to it by a new name, Covid-19. Citizens who had dismissed the Coronavirus as ‘just another scare-tactic sickness dreamed up to sell face masks’ are now living in… Read more »

“Ah Jaysus. What. Are. We. Like?” Confirms Tusla After Latest Monumental Fuck Up

“HONESTLY, WHAT are we like” shared senior Tusla management as they doubled over with laughter and slapped their foreheads in an exaggerated fashion after learning of the latest fuck up involving vulnerable children and families. Tusla, primarily a data breaching agency that sometimes looks after the welfare of children and families requiring the help and… Read more »