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HSE ‘One Cold Sore’ Away From Crumbling

THE truth about how close the Irish health system came to total collapse has been revealed in a stunning new book titled ‘The Almost-Shat Togs’, which gives a behind the scenes look at the weeks following the initial 2020 lockdown and how we were ‘one hospital porter with a hangover’ from total chaos, as is… Read more »

Nuns Promise They Won’t Have Anything To Do With Maternity Hospital Or Your Stupid Whore Vagina

MINISTER for Health Stephen Donnelly has expressed exasperation at the public’s continued questions about the church’s involvement with the new maternity hospital, and insists that he has assurances from high-ranking nuns that the hospital will offer a full range of services to ‘even the dirtiest of trollops’. “OK, we’ll admit that wasn’t his best interview… Read more »

What’s Going On With The New National Maternity Hospital And Why Are People Unhappy?

CONTROVERSY over building the new national maternity hospital on the grounds of St Vincents, which is owned by the Sisters of Charity, rumbles on with questions remaining over governance and the possible influence a religious institution will have over maternity care. In an effort to clear everything up and put the public at ease a… Read more »