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Local Man Cancels Workout Due To Uncharged AirPods

A COUNTY Waterford gym has issued a notice today asking members to charge their music devices before their scheduled gym appointments following one of several cancellations citing uncharged airpods, WWN has learned. “What’s the fucking point if I can’t listen to tunes?” defended MeatHeads Gym member, Derek Stapleton, who only realised his airpods weren’t charged… Read more »

Local Girl ‘Very Done Up’ For Gym

SEVERAL of the male patrons at a Waterford fitness centre have remarked on the overly made-up appearance of one of the gym’s female customers, adding that she dresses in a provocative manner designed solely to distract lads who just want to lift weights and make gains and take selfies. Putting aside the possibility that the as-yet-unnamed… Read more »

‘Get Killer Abs In 30 Days’ Workout Abandoned After 4 Minutes

DUBLIN man Niall Kearns had thrown himself with great enthusiasm into a rigorous exercise regime for as many as 4 minutes before quitting spectacularly, WWN has learned. While there were no eyewitnesses to the 4 minutes of exercising, Niall reassured friends it had been ‘full on’ and ‘intense’, spending as much as an hour detailing… Read more »