5 Other Uses For That Gym Gear You’re Never Going To Use


NOW that the end of January is fast approaching, many of us can begin to abandon all New Year’s resolutions to get fit and healthy, and consistently attend the gym and just admit that we’re terrible excuses for human beings, with no capacity for self-improvement.

While it is disappointing, but not fully unexpected that we would throw in the towel in record time, it’s not all bad news as WWN has found a number of alternative uses for all that gym gear you spent exorbitant amounts of money on.

1) A topic for conversation

Struggling for conversation with friends, family and coworkers? Why not draw their attention to all the weights, runners and singlets that are gathering dust under your stairs or in the shed.

Under the right circumstances, you can rinse and repeat the same conversation points and claim ‘I’ll get back on the exercise buzz soon’. No more awkward moments of trying to muster small talk, the fact you’ve no staying power or resilience is the small talk.

2) Door stop

Dumbbells just sitting there? Put them to use by potentially using them as a way to prop open a door or for bringing one to a stop before it crashes against the wall. Be careful when moving dumbbells, your frail out of shape body may need assistance. Kettle bells can also be used.

3) Clothes to take selfies in

Those runners, hoodies, tracksuits, yoga pants don’t just have to sit there unloved. Repurpose them, and instead of using them as part of a workout, why not use them to wear while taking pictures of yourself pretending to be exercising. It sounds crazy we know, but some cursory research reveals there is as many as 7 people doing this in the Waterford area.

4) Next year’s new years resolutions

Blink and it will be March. Blink again and it will be July. There’s not strict guidelines on when you can begin bullshitting about how next year will be the year you really hit the health kick with a vengeance and this is where your gym gear comes into play.

You can point directly at your gym bag or skipping rope when half-heartedly trying to convince a friend ‘oh well, I have all the gear like, so once 2019 hits I’ll tear into it’.

5) Kindling for the fire

If you’re not one for lying to yourself, you can always use whatever gear you bought when high on foolish optimism to keep you warm as the weather remains unpredictable and often chilly.

The great thing about gym clothes is that they are highly flammable when doused in petrol (just like normal clothes) and when placed on top of some turf or wood they become a key part of your fire.

What was once a stupid waste of money is now keeping you warm for several minutes, meaning you don’t have to feel so annoyed at yourself for failing at this going to the gym thing for a 5th successive year.