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Man Out Jogging With Friends Never Shuts The Fuck Up

FRIENDS and acquaintances of Dublin man Jeremy Hayes have today staged an intervention for the jogging enthusiast over his continued tirade of absolute shite talk while running, calling on him to just take the time to casually chat now and again and enjoy the moment. Hellbent on proving how fit he is by continually waffling,… Read more »

Local Man Cancels Workout Due To Uncharged AirPods

A COUNTY Waterford gym has issued a notice today asking members to charge their music devices before their scheduled gym appointments following one of several cancellations citing uncharged airpods, WWN has learned. “What’s the fucking point if I can’t listen to tunes?” defended MeatHeads Gym member, Derek Stapleton, who only realised his airpods weren’t charged… Read more »

Human Rights Court Finally Bans Burpees

FIT people and sort-of fit people alike shared tears of joy outside the Court Of Human Rights in Strasbourg today, after a landmark ruling which outlawed the notorious ‘burpee’ exercise after decades of misery and sore arses. The court took less than ten minutes to declare the half-squat, half-plank exercise to be a gross incursion… Read more »

Walking Etiquette During Covid-19

SINCE the covid-19 lockdown over five weeks ago, many people have discovered a whole new world of exercise with a large majority of people opting to simply put one leg in front of another, a routine commonly known as walking. Technically a simple routine for most, walking during social distancing has thrown a spanner in… Read more »