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Garda Bodycams To Come With ‘Selective Recording’ Option

THE Government is expected to sign off on legislation today which paves the way for the use of Garda body cameras to help provide officers with their own recordings of situations they encounter on their beat, if they decide to press record. Mirroring better run jurisdictions due to an ongoing lack of imagination, Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan will ask his Cabinet colleagues for… Read more »

Maurice McCabe Retires Undefeated

REPORTS coming into WWN this afternoon suggest heroic Garda whistleblower Sergeant Maurice McCabe is set to retire from the Nation’s police force with his undefeated record intact. Frequently coming up against opponents who significantly outweighed him, and were intent on landing knockout blows, the Sergeant, widely known now for his fight against corruption, will retire… Read more »

Garda Whistleblower Tribunal Confirms Callinan’s Pension Still Nice & Safe

A REPORT into the treatment of Garda whistleblowers by senior Garda has vindicated whistleblower Garda Maurice McCabe while pointing to a conspiracy by former Commissioner Marton Callinan and Garda press officer Dave Taylor to denigrate and tarnish the officer’s reputation all because McCabe was attempting to expose corruption within the force. The exemplary work and… Read more »

O’Sullivan Asked To Stop Delivering Tribunal Evidence Via Sock Puppets

A FRUSTRATED Judge Charleton has pleaded with former Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan to deliver her evidence to the Disclosures Tribunal in a straightforward and clear manner, after she once again used sock puppets to answer questions. While the use of puppets is a vast improvement on her first day of giving evidence, when O’Sullivan answered every… Read more »

Tánaiste Outlines Timeline Of When She Began Fearing For Her Job

SPEAKING IN the Dáil in order to respond to questions around her knowledge and possible part in former Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan’s decision to instruct a legal team to question whistleblower Sergeant Maurice McCabe’s motives for wanting gardaí corruption to be stamped out, the Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald provided an exhaustive timeline of what she knew and… Read more »