Garda Whistleblower Tribunal Confirms Callinan’s Pension Still Nice & Safe


A REPORT into the treatment of Garda whistleblowers by senior Garda has vindicated whistleblower Garda Maurice McCabe while pointing to a conspiracy by former Commissioner Marton Callinan and Garda press officer Dave Taylor to denigrate and tarnish the officer’s reputation all because McCabe was attempting to expose corruption within the force.

The exemplary work and fight for justice displayed by McCabe was highlighted by Justice Charleton as part of his publication of the findings in the Disclosures Tribunal, however, there was a small, barely visible footnote which depressingly confirmed there will be ‘fuck all repercussions for this and that lovely, bulging pension of the former Garda Commissioner’s will remain perfectly safe’.

“You know, it’s just like any other profession and pension, you orchestrate a plan to ruin the reputation of someone by making false claims and spreading horrible, vicious rumours about them and then you don’t suffer any consequences and get to keep your pension, even though you did all this in an official capacity while carrying out your job,” confirmed one expert on accountability in Ireland.

The tribunal accepted that former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan falsely asserted to TD John McGuinness in January 2014 that Maurice McCabe was a “kiddie fiddler” and then described whistleblowers as “disgusting” at an appearance before the Public Accounts Committee.

“It’d just be down right rude to look into any legislation that could provide recourse for the State to recover an €85,000 a year pension or the €255,000 lump sum pay out. So what if you partook in a smear campaign against one of your employees who was trying to bring to light serious corruption in your organisation. This all sounds very normal,” added the expert, before sighing loudly with a sense of deep resignation.

Gardaí are now free to investigate any alleged crimes highlighted by the tribunal but the public has been asked not to get their hopes up as the Moriarty Tribunal findings have been gathering dust for 8 years now.