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Everything Farmers Need To Know About The Carbon Budget

REPEATING a pattern started by Enda Kenny when he returned from France after signing Ireland up to the Paris Climate Agreement to tell farmers ‘ah don’t worry we won’t actually do any of that shite’, the government has reminded farmers they’re too powerful and loud a voice in Irish politics for them to actually be… Read more »

Government Bring In ‘Culchie Whisperer’ To Solve Beef Dispute

DONNING a weathered flat cap and smearing his rosy red cheeks in coleslaw warpaint, Tom Halley of Hally’s Culchie Solutions was preparing for the biggest day in his career, dispersing Irish beef farmers. Tom had just secured the government contract to be the official ‘Culchie Whisperer’ for Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed and… Read more »