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Everything You Need To Know About Joe Biden

THE Former vice-president of America and senator Joe Biden has seen his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination receive a lift after winning the Democratic primary in South Carolina. Here’s everything you need to know about 77-year-old Biden: Earned the nickname ‘The White Obama’ from himself. Has a long and storied career in the senate,… Read more »

Fine Gael Election Promises Just List Of Things They Were Supposed To Do While In Power

GLAD-HANDING the general public with ferocious intent, Fine Gael candidates have been pounding the nation’s pavements dutifully parroting the promises, claims and talking points given to them by senior party officials, which it transpires are just a list of things Fine Gael should have and quite conceivably could have done while in power these last… Read more »

Leo Varadkar’s Guide To The 2020 Election

REMAINING coy on the exact date for this year’s general election, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar spoke to WWN and helpfully divulged some details which will be of use to the electorate ahead of what experts are calling ‘surely the most disappointing array of politicians’ on record: – Unhappy with the current state of public services? The… Read more »

New Poll Figures Reveal Politicians Are A Bunch Of Self-Serving Pricks

A NEW opinion poll has found that Irish politicians are a bunch of self-serving pricks as the country faces a possible Christmas election amid the continued controversy over an email sent to Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald concerning garda whistleblower Maurice McCabe. The poll, carried out by WWN, showed that the majority of the country believed their local Dáil representatives put the… Read more »

Leader Profiles: Joan Burton

THE gloves are off now that the election has been penciled in for the 26th of February so why not acquaint yourself with WWN’s handy guide to the Dublin TD and Labour leader ahead of the 2016 general election. Age: 67 years old or 3 more elections in politician years. Jobs: Tánaiste, Minister for Social… Read more »