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First Communion Kids Apply For Covid Payment

THE GOVERNMENT is today answering questions from a union of First Communion-aged boys and girls from across the country who are applying for a bailout programme to offset financial losses incurred by the cancellation of their Holy Communion ceremonies thanks to Covid-19. Thousands of under-10s were scheduled to make their First Holy Communion and rake… Read more »

“This Lab Had Nothing To Do With The Virus” Confirms Wuhan Mutant Bat Doctor

CATEGORICALLY denying all responsibility for the design and subsequent spread of the Covid-19 virus, a Wuhan based mutant bat doctor reassured awaiting press that his laboratory was in no way connected to the pandemic. “Wizzzzuuuuuuwissssssss,” Dr. Chang Wu began, apologising for the loud screeching noise which left reporters reeling, “apologies, I’ve literally come out of… Read more »