Irish People Tell Us What Their Local Pub Means To Them


THE REOPENING of the pubs, a day that will be etched into the national psyche for generations to come. Tears will be shed as drinkers are reunited with their favourite rickety stools and their drink of choice.

There has never been a better time to think on what the humble Irish pub means to Irish people, and so WWN has compiled some of the most moving tributes and testimonies on the significant part the pub plays in Irish life, as told by you:

“The pub is everything to me, and it should be to you too. You can drink here. Get fed here. There’s a condom machine in the jacks so it’s practically a Pharmacy too. There’s a big telly and if you fall asleep here, you wake up at home” – Jack (29).

“Honestly, hand pressed firmly on heart, is there a better place on all of God’s green earth to pester young ones until you’re clean thrun out on your arse? It’ll be great to be back, so it will” – Kevin (53).

“I never really thought much about the pub until I started drinking, and then the appeal really grew on me. Best Confirmation day ever!” – Fintan (12).

“My local has that stuck up prick of a barman, I’ll never forget the look on his face when he point blank refused to make me a vegan gin with a slice of organic lime, elderflower soda with shavings of Alaskan ice” – Katie (27).

“What it means to me? Well, I work in one so I can tell ya I dread the return of young ones asking for Vegemite gin with slices of orgasmic lime, elderly flowers and Alsatian ice! The fucking notions!” – Daithi (49)

“I find that the pub is a great place to go and nurse a single pint, read a book for four hours, and really beef up my reputation as a weirdo” – Niall (31).

“I get emotional just thinking about the sticky floors and the toilets that were last cleaned in 1997” – Jess (22).

“My pub’s also a funeral parlour so that comes in handy when one lad up and dies during an epic session. And actually, now that it’s reopening during a pandemic that’s even more handy” – Ciaran (35).

“I met my best friends here in the pub. Just an hour ago, in fact. There they are! The lads! What’s your name again? Ah, you’re sound so you are!’ – Dave, Cian, Cormac, Big Ed, Small Ed, Puco, Gizmo, Alan and Johnno.