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Torching Your Pub For The Insurance Money, A Guide

WITH new restrictions set to shutter the majority of pubs and restaurants across the country once again, business owners have to consider some drastic options to ensure the survival and upkeep of their family unit, with torching their premises now a viable option amid a chronic lack of government supports. Despite the business being in… Read more »

Industries Form Queue At Leinster House & Wait Turn To Protest Lack Of Government Support

AA ROADWATCH are reporting a 10km tailback from all angles outside the Dáil as the country’s various and varied industries formed a neverending queue, each vying for attention and seeking to protest a lack of government support. Fuming taxi drivers sat stationary in their vehicles as the arts industries struck up socially distant conversation with… Read more »

Head Of Insurance Company Likes To Recreate ‘The Sopranos’ Intro On Drive To Work

AMID bad PR news stories for the insurance industry including the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission alleging seven insurance providers “engaged in anti-competitive cooperation over a 21-month period during 2015 and 2016”, WWN reached out to one company CEO to learn about the humans behind the multiple alleged criminal conspiracies dogging the industry. Richard McKelland,… Read more »

Government Asks Publicans Have They No Homes To Go To

“RIGHT there folks, please” announced the government today, while spraying Pledge on tables in an attempt to get Irish publicans to take the 24-point plan to re-open pubs on the 21st of September with them and ‘tip on home’. Publicans who stuck around to argue that the proposals are at best tailored to large city… Read more »

WWN’s Exclusive Q&A With An Irish Meat Baron

AS THE debate surrounding Covid-19 clusters in meat factories continues, instead of falling into the contemptible media practice of vilifying owners and tarnishing their good names, WWN decided to speak directly to one owner of a meat processing facility, Gary Foodman. And as is evidenced from the Q&A below, Foodman, cigar in mouth and tightly… Read more »

“TikTok’s Dodgy Data Gathering & Links To Chinese Government Fine By Us” Confirms Ireland After Jobs Promise

AVERTING its eyes from any concerning news reports about social media app TikTok, Ireland has already begun unfurling the red carpet to welcome the data harvesting company’s announcement of ‘some jobs’ for the country. “Yiz could be making your app out of the pulped remains of Uighurs for all we care, chuck us a few… Read more »