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Show Off Reading Book On Park Bench

IN WHAT IS being described as a flagrant and brazen attempt to show off, one Dublin based man has been spotted in full view of the public looking all intellectual while reading a book on a park bench, much to the disgust of passersby. His fingers loudly caressing the edge of a page before nonchalantly… Read more »

5 Musts When Writing Your First Book

SO, you’ve finally decided that the world simply cannot go on any longer without you four-part science-fiction romance epic set in a dystopian near future, kind of a steampunk Othello with shades of The Hobbit, part hunger Games, part Fifty Shades, all awesome. That’s great. A Pulitzer awaits. But first, you have to write the… Read more »

Local Man Rereads Chapter In Book For 2nd Time After Mind Wanders Off

DESPITE getting three pages in, Waterford man Patrick Lyons was forced to restart the chapter in his latest book reading endeavour after his mind just wandered off of its own accord, WWN can confirm. Rereading the words he had already apparently read, but somehow failed to process, the 34-year-old restarted chapter 4 in another attempt, this time vowing to concentrate… Read more »