‘Conversations With Friends’ Review: Plenty Of Riding In It For You Perverts


EARLY REVIEWS of the latest Sally Rooney adaptation ‘Conversations With Friends’ have been met with relief after they have confirmed there’s a good chunk of time dedicated to beautiful people riding, so you perverts will love it.

“The drama has all the hallmarks of what made Normal People such a treasure… the riding,” confirmed an early review from US trade publican Variety.

“Don’t worry, all you perverts pretending you’re watching it because it further brings to life a once in a generation talent’s for capturing intimacy and hidden personal depth will be more than happy with all the riding that’s in it,” read a review from The Guardian.

“Sure, there’s enough in this show so that you can write your thesis about the clash between the capitalist nature of the television industry and the Marxist underpinnings of Rooney’s writing, that’s a nice cover for why you’re watching all those attractive people writhe around on bedsheets,” confirmed one NY Times review.

Meanwhile, Joe Duffy has block booked the next two month of Liveline with callers ready to discuss at length how they didn’t watch a minute of the show but thought it was a filthy and thundering disgrace with more riding than the Cheltenham Festival.

“That’s such a reductive, prurient take on what is an incisive interrogation of people’s interior thoughts and the ineffable intensity of human connection,” said one furious fan before making sure her vibrator was fully charged ahead of the first episode airing.