BREAKING: Aaron Explaining What All His Tattoos Mean Again


WHAT WAS proving to be a nice evening with friends and a few pints has taken a turn for the worse now local man Aaron Gannigan is once again, unprompted, divulging stories which explain the high volume of tattoos he has gotten over the years.

“And this one is a special one it’s for John, God rest him,” a glassy-eyed Aaron told his friends once more, recalling his gone but not forgotten pet hamster John who Aaron lost when he was 8 years of age.

Despite a complete lack of enthusiasm from friends quietly trying to shift the conversation back to football or Dave’s recent STD results, Aaron continued to weave the heartfelt motivations behind his ink.

“A class ink man by the name of Nathan did this one in Inkcredible in Edinburgh, it says ‘Edinburgh’, got it to mark the time I went to Edinburgh. You have to remember where you’ve come from as you go on the journey of life, isn’t it?” pondered Aaron, who went on to explain his Arsenal crest tattoo which didn’t really need explaining.

“I wouldn’t mind Aaron telling us but we’ve all got them, but you don’t hear Will giving us a 10-minute story as to why he got a GingaNinja tattoo above his pubes,” shared friend Paul, “Aaron missed the golden age of boring the arse off people about tattoos – 2004. They were still fresh then, people were genuinely interested to hear you got the full Smack My Bitch Up lyrics across your back as a drunken dare”.