Man Out Jogging With Friends Never Shuts The Fuck Up

FRIENDS and acquaintances of Dublin man Jeremy Hayes have today staged an intervention for the jogging enthusiast over his continued tirade of absolute shite talk while running, calling on him to just take the time to casually chat now and again and enjoy the moment. Hellbent on proving how fit he is by continually waffling,… Read more »

Delusional Man Buys Medium Sized T-shirt

DESPITE repeated purchases online resulting in dozens of ill-fitting clothes now lying in the bottom clothes drawer, Darren Mackey has once again chosen the ‘M’ option for his €49 T-shirt choice, reassuring himself that this time the top will fit perfectly. “If it’s too small it can go in the drawer with the rest of… Read more »

Foreign Lad Has Nicer Car Than You

LOCAL man William Farnhill has added ‘swanky car’ to the list of things he doesn’t like about the Eastern European lad who moved in up the road from him, adding that it ‘doesn’t seem right’ that someone who hasn’t lived in Waterford for his whole life should be able to afford a 131 Nissan Qashqai… Read more »