Oddball Family Has Christmas Dinner At 7pm

THE O’RIORDAN family are now the talk of the locality after it emerged the clan of raving oddballs have their Christmas dinner at the frankly insane time of 7pm. “They were always ‘odd’ if you know what I mean,” confirmed neighbour Tracey Whelan when speaking with WWN. A community wide test alert with nothing but… Read more »

How To Get Through Christmas Dinner On Zoom, A Guide

YOU’VE explained to your mother on several occasions that there really is no need to send a plate of Christmas dinner in the post as you’re not sure if that’s even legal. All that’s left is to begin your Christmas dinner on Zoom, but not before reading WWN’s essential survival guide first: First off, Christmas… Read more »

Lads All Set For 12 Jabs Of Christmas

IGNORING all calls to enjoy the new coronavirus vaccine responsibly, a group of hardened sessioners from Waterford are adamant about binging the miracle cure over a 14-hour period on the 23rd of December as a modification of their usual ’12 pubs’ night out. “I’ve told the missus already, an overdose of this thing might leave… Read more »

Local Hipster To Microdose Vaccine

SILICONE DOCKS worker Karl Regan has told his fellow IT work colleagues via WhatsApp that he will not be taking the full form of the new Covid-19 vaccine, but instead will microdose the injection over a period of time, WWN has learned. In a bid to reap the full benefits of the new drug, Regan… Read more »