Common Misconceptions About Irish Women

HELD BACK and undermined by unhelpful and damaging stereotypes which aren’t remotely true, WWN clears up some common misconceptions about Irish women, finally putting some myths to rest: Irish women are the subjected to derision by Irish men. Not true, Irish women would do well to take intense, constructive criticism on every aspect of their… Read more »

Woman Might Wear Good Pajamas Today To Feel Fancy

“DON’T dress for the lockdown you’re in, dress for the lockdown you’d like to be in” said Waterford woman Sheila McTavert this morning, changing out of her ‘nighttime’ pajamas and into her ‘daytime’ pajamas. McTavert, 32, opted for a fresh pair of PJs this morning having spent the majority of last week working from home… Read more »

Morto! This Kid’s Parents Are Still Together!

REPORTS circulating a Waterford community this afternoon has confirmed that some little loser still has both his biological parents living in the same house together like some kind of fully functional family, WWN has learned. Davey Lynch, (12), was branded a little freak by peers after slipping up and stating his parents were still together,… Read more »

Kid Takes ‘You’ve Watched Enough TV’ As Go-Ahead To Start Watching Tablet Instead

THE never-ending battle surrounding the topic of ‘screen time’ in the Donnellan household shows no signs of letting up this week, as 9-year-old Eamon Donnellan continues to push the boundaries of his parents patience by insisting that when they said ‘no more TV’, they didn’t say ‘no more YouTube’. Stressed-out homeschooling parents Marie and Declan… Read more »