We Take The Cybertruck For A Drive In Ireland


ELON Musk may have made some costly mistakes when he purchased Twitter, but Tesla’s new Cybertruck is nothing but a good idea, according to WWN Motoring. Let’s see how this silver beauty drives on ta fuck!

– The Cybertruck is said to have the utility of a truck with the design of a sportscar. What they don’t tell you is that it’s also got an arse like a corner forward, so watch out on them boreens lads.

– The sleek design of the Cybertruck is made up of a series of flat panels with almost no curved surfaces, making it perfect for sticking on loads of sexually aggressive stickers all over the place.

– Fully electric in nature, the Cybertruck unfortunately prevents users from using the phrase ‘now you’re sucking diesel’.

– If you hurry, you can have a Cybertruck before anyone else in your community, making you either the most interesting or hated person in your locale, depending on where in Ireland you are.

– The spacious interior of the Cybertruck lends itself to excellent acoustics for blasting out Maniac 2000 on your CD player (not included).

– Tesla claims the stainless steel exterior of the Cybertruck is the hardest surface available to car manufacturers at the minute. Cavan roads, do your worst.

– Every Cybertruck sold helps chip away at the $44 billion dollar debt Elon Musk incurred with his purchase of Twitter, so do the right thing. Help a man out.