Kayne West’s Guide To Vastly Reducing Your Wealth


WWN FINANCE will be touching upon a subject a huge number of readers ask us about, a delicate subject all the more important with the spectre of inflation and looming recession; how can someone go about greatly reducing their fortune in the quickest possible way?

Luckily we don’t have to look too far to find the answer, as Kanye West will attest. Below, we have reproduced Ye’s indispensable guide on the subject:

1) Be antisemitic. General racism or xenophobia can be substituted in if that’s more your bag.

2) Continue to be antisemitic while proudly stating how the people who provide you with the bulk of your income and liquidity would never cut ties with you for being antisemitic.

3) Actions, meet consequences.

4) Make sure to surround yourself with a large entourage who have never said ‘no’ to you. Make sure they put you in touch with people who have large YouTube, TV and/or podcast audiences. Allow them to encourage you to talk, without taking breath, for between 1 hour and 17 days.

5) Doubling down won’t do, have you heard of septupling down? The temptation might be to stop here as you disappear off the Forbes billionaire list. You’ve lost the vast majority of your net worth. But why stop there when perhaps there’s a particular group of people you feel orchestrated all this… you talking out loud, maybe you could accuse them of plotting your downfall. Repeat these steps until you’re balance say zero.