Now Also A Good Time To Cut Links With Country That Has 1mn Uighurs In Prison Camp


AS BUSINESSES and individuals with ties to Russian state bodies, businesses and oligarchs dramatically cut ties following sanctions by a number of nations, experts have pointing out that while it has come a decade of so late the trend of disentangling yourself for authoritarian states and de facto dictators doesn’t need to stop there.

“Like many people I was shocked to learn overnight that the Vladimir Putin I posed in photos with on a business trip to Moscow 3 years ago is the same Vladimir Putin in the news today. If I had known…,” trailed off one CEO of a food manufacturer, who will absolutely shit his pants when he realises the contracts his company has in China are fraught with moral complications too.

“We stand with the people of Ukraine, but not so close as that our Russian benefactors get the wrong idea and think we’re directly criticising the Putin regime,” confirmed a third level institute which has taken this opportunity to pause and reflect on the huge Chinese investment it has received and decided no, internment of a Muslim minority is actually fine.

“The government has been clear from the start, we are working in concert with our international partners and these sanctions will hit Russia hard,” confirmed a deputy leader of a country, while also lobbying that those very sanctions would not affect a Russian owned company in Limerick.

“Woah, woah I think everyone has to calm down, how do we know the Uighurs aren’t in China’s version of Disney World and are just so happy there they’ve forgotten to get in touch,” confirmed one influencer who has a collab with a Chinese tech gadget company going live any day now.