Yemeni Civilians Draw World Leaders Attention To New Flag


THE 17 MILLION and counting civilians struggling to feed themselves in Yemen as they are subjected to Saudi backed bombing campaigns have unveiled a new flag they believe world leaders may be interested in, reports suggest.

“No, no reason we just love the colours. And the Middle East has a bit too many flags with red and black, it’s hard for a conflict to stand out, draw anyone’s attention to, have our humanity acknowledged – that sort of thing,” confirmed one woman forced to leave her home eight years ago as war engulfed her.

“Whatever it takes to help world leaders discover that a Saudi-led coalition is committing alleged war crimes, millions of innocent people have no drinking water, no access to healthcare, that the child casualties are in the thousands and just the 850,000 children starving according to the UN,” offered another Yemeni woman, who had a hand in designing the flag.

“I think the yellow is a bright enough colour to highlight the fact many western countries have supplied arms to Saudi Arabia who drop bombs on civilians, you can imagine how annoyed the US, UK and France will be when they discover this,” added another civilian.

“And the blue is the sort of colour you’ll turn when you see evidence of Saudi bombing of a refugee camp, among many innumerable atrocities.”

Yemenis subjected to war conditions aren’t the only ones to consider a flag change, with Palestine suggesting they could do the same.