Bigot Dies Of Exhaustion Trying To Tear Down Rainbow


A COUNTY Waterford man was found dead face down in field this morning after what gardaí believe was a desperate attempt to chase a rainbow and tear it down, WWN has learned.

The man, who is believed to have been previously involved in desecrating LGBTQ flags across the city, apparently died of exhaustion after setting out Friday after a rainbow.

“He was cursing to himself, giving out about ‘the gays’ down Barrack Street around 3pm Friday and seemed to be heading towards the Comeragh Mountains,” one eyewitness recalled the man’s last movements. “He looked furious that the rainbow was flying high in the Waterford sky and was screaming all sorts of insults at it, like it could hear him or something”.

Unbeknownst to the man, the rainbow wasn’t actually part of the ongoing Pride festival or a fixed feature in the sky, bringing him across fields and ditches over 50 kilometres away.

“Yeah, I probably could have stopped him and told him his chase was futile, but I thought it better he get out of the town for a bit, give people a rest from his bigot bullshit,” another man said.

The man’s family have asked for no flowers please for his funeral, as he would absolutely ‘fucking hate that too’.