Saturn Gives Birth To Jupiter’s Love Child After Overnight Conjunction


ASTRONOMERS across the world were left astounded today following the discovery of a brand-new baby planet birthed after a Saturn and Jupiter conjunction last night, WWN science can confirm.

The new-born planet, weighing 800 billion kilograms, is believed to be in good health with mother, Saturn, doing well.

“It was really unexpected, so a massive surprise for all of us,” a source close to the ringed planet confirmed, “dad Jupiter is absolutely over his moons too and both parent planets are looking forward to their future”.

It is unsure what name the new addition to the solar system will be given, however Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has put the name ‘Stupiter’ as the odds-on favourite with the name ‘Covidius Kardashian’ coming in as second favourite.

“With its little red spot and rings, there’s no doubting whose baby planet it is,” fawned local astronomer David Keane, welling up with emotion over the news, “sure, the sudden appearance of such a celestial mass will probably alter absolutely everything in our solar system and cause catastrophic gravitational issues with earth and the possible annihilation of the human race, but it’s so cute!”

It is believed the newly formed planet-power-couple will try again for another planet in their next conjunction in 2080.