Review: The Best Windows To Stare Out At The Sunshine From


WITH the weather consistently mocking all of us with blindingly effervescent sunshine beaming down from the skies, WWN reviews making the most of the unseasonably, gloriously mild conditions.

We get to the bottom of which windows represent the best vantage point to enjoy not quite enjoying the good weather from:

Kitchen window

Pros: the Cherry blossom tree in the neighbour’s garden looks beautiful.

Cons: the gap in the fence you still haven’t gotten around to fixing gives you a full few of himself next door sunbathing, hairy, sweaty back and all. Oh God, he’s the tight short shorts on too.

Bedroom window facing out onto street

Pros: plenty to be nosy about from up here and the sunshine means you can see all passers by clearly. This might be the Rolls Royce of windows and views. From here you can see and judge so many people. That neighbour across the way in the wheelchair had the cheek to get a Tesco delivery, hey, save that service for the people who really need it!

The Hennessy’s eldest is chatting to his neighbour across the fence, the fucking scumbag. That sort of behaviour is up their with drowning puppies these days. Without question, this is the best from which you can make fake ‘phew phew’ noises as you pretend to assassinate lockdown ignorers.

Okay, so you can’t get out to the beach in this weather, but this window is as refreshing as any sea breeze. 10/10 stuff.

Cons: that eagle-eyed curtain twitcher Nuala Norton from directly across the road is up in her bedroom out looking at everyone. Some people need to get a fucking life. Pathetic.

Sitting room window facing out onto the street

Pros: each passing person brings with them hope that they’re calling to the door to drop off a package or important government booklet.

Cons: each passing person brings with them fear that they’re about throw a grenade filled with Covid-19 through the letter box.

Side passage toilet window

This frosted glass is fucking shite. Can’t see a thing.