Infamous Dubliner Janey Mac Tests Positive For Covid-19


DUBLIN’S most loved and talked about character has confirmed today that she is to go into self-isolation for the next two weeks after proving positive for the covid-19 virus, WWN reports.

Janey Mac, (78), broke the news on Twitter to her 500 thousand followers generating torrents of supportive messages from fans of the Dubliner from all over the world.

“Aw Janey Mac, I hope you get better soon,” one Twitter user posted.

“Janey Mac, I never even knew youse were a real person until now,” tweeted another woman, using a surprised emoji face to emphasize how surprised she was.

The infamous Dalkey woman grew to notoriety in the late 70s when she became the poster girl for plastic coloured rain macs which became quite popular in Ireland due to its see through design and association with rain.

“I don’t think there was a man alive that didn’t have a poster of Janey wearing nothing but that iconic see through red mac in the rain,” Irish fashion designer Paul Costelloe recalls, “Janey Mac, she was only gorgeous, and men would shout her name when they got too excited during intercourse or whenever they wanted to curse”.

Janey, maiden name Power, soon became the profanity of choice for Dubliners throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s with her name still being used to this day to veil vile curse words.

“Janey Mac, I hope she gets better,” Taoiseach Leo Varadkar Tweeted upon the news of her diagnosis earlier today.

Janey Mac is said to be self-isolating with her husband Super, her daughter Rain and son Big Mac junior.