Leaving Cert Students Unsure When They Should Start Cramming Like Fuck


COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the Irish educational system, with thousands of Leaving Certificate students around the country still unsure as to when they should start to ‘properly shit their togs’, WWN can report.

With schools unlikely to restart before September and the Junior Certificate exams already scrapped, attention turns to the ministry of education for clarity over the Leaving Cert, which is still scheduled to go ahead in June, possibly, maybe July, somehow.

Although much has been made of the pressures that this uncertainty places on Leaving Cert students who wish to do well and achieve greatness, many students feel they are being ignored due to their blasé approach to examinations and general all-round laziness.

“It’s one thing to be prepared for an exam that you know is coming sometime in the near future, but what about those of us who leave everything to the night before to cram?” said one angry student, while playing FIFA with one hand down his trousers.

“It’s hard to leave everything to the last minute when you don’t know when the last minute is. We need at least a month’s notice in advance, so we can do nothing for 28 days and then start panicking and do it all in three Red-Bull soaked days. This is unacceptable”.

Meanwhile, concerns are also growing for students who study intensely for months before claiming that they ‘didn’t do a tap’.