Snowflakes Rename Mad Cow Disease ‘Mental Health Cow Disease’


THE International Association of Snowflakes (IAS) have come together for a meeting at a secret location to confirm that from now on people should refer to mad cow disease, which infamously devastated UK farming in the 90s, as ‘Mental Health Cow Disease’.

The shift in how the average person references the neurodegenerative disease Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) has been precipitated by a concerted effort in the the 21st century to move away from unflattering and hurtful references to, and depiction of, mental health issues.

“Why should the increased empathy shown in matters of mental health awareness suddenly stop when it comes to cattle? This is a necessary step. These cows suffer and shouldn’t be marginalised like this,” a member of IAS definitely said out loud to WWN.

Truly important and significant reduction in the stigma surrounding mental health has been achieved in recent years and typical snowflakes are hoping harmful and ignorant stereotypes about Mental Health Cow Disease will come to an end.

“It would be beautiful if a group isn’t just reduced to lazy labeling and generalising,” explained a namby pamby snowflake, “a small victory would be if people saw the cow behind the Mental Health Cow Disease”.

A separate meeting of a different but equally offended group of people, the Over 50s Snowflake Association, ratified a motion to be allowed call foreign looking people whatever names they want as long as they add in ‘it’s only a bloody joke’ after their racist utterances.