Class Reunion Fondly Remembers How Teacher Was Chronic Alcoholic


A LOCAL WATERFORD school reunion has brought a number of former pupils of Saint West together in the one room for the first time in over 20 years, with many fondly recalling giddy tales of the good old days, including the story about how Mr. O’Lowney was a chronic alcoholic who shouldn’t have been put in charge of young children.

“Ah, Jesus d’ya how he used to stink of whiskey and he taught us absolutely nothing,” one former pupil, Gerry Hamley said as he wheezed with laughter, as a group of his former 6th class peers also burst into laughter.

Mr. O’Lowney, who was a significant figure in the formative years of the 30-strong group, battled through a complete absence of oversight from Saint West’s then principle and Mr. O’Lowney’s brother-in-law Mr. Govens, to remain at the helm of final year class at the primary school.

“No, stop, I can’t feckin’ breathe here,” grimaced former pupil Angela Deans as she chortled after incident after incident relating to Mr. O’Lowney’s sackable misdemeanours were listed by the group.

One particular gas chapter in the lack of education the former-children received centred around Peter Fallon, the only absent former pupil, being struck violently on the arm by Mr. O’Lowney after he spoke up and said he was going to go the principle because Mr. O’Lowney kept falling asleep and slurring his words.

“And I’ll never forget it he screamed ‘you sit the fuck down you little pup or so help me God you’re parents will be hearing all about you’,” Deans added the end of the story, resulting in everyone falling about with laughter.

“Ah, your school years, you can’t beat them,” everyone agreed, before taking a moment to note of they were fairly sure Mr. O’Lowney wasn’t in great shape the last they heard.