Independent Alliance Calls For More Mayonnaise Sachets In Restaurant Condiment Sets


MEMBERS of the Independent Alliance are calling on restaurants and cafes up and down the country to maintain an equal and balanced level of mayonnaise sachets in their condiment sets to match mustard, brown sauce and ketchup, the group insisted.

Speaking with their mouths earlier today, Shane Ross, John Halligan, Seán Canney, Michael Fitzmaurice and some other male TDs this publication was too busy to google met with the Minister for Tourism and Sport Brendan Griffin in their first negotiations to implement the new measures.

“How many times have you gone to a restaurant and all the mayo is gone from the condiment set?” defended Transport Minister Shane Ross after it was put to him the proposal was just kite flying, “I’ve asked around and just about everyone in the Independent Alliance agrees that this is a massive issue”.

Echoing his colleague’s sentiments, Minister of State for Training, Skills, Innovation, Research, Development and some other stuff John Halligan said “enough is enough” when it comes to little things like this “slipping through the cracks”, while also suggesting to expand the mayo measure to other areas in hospitality too.

“Take those little biscuits with teas and coffees for example,” Mr. Halligan began, “they should either be standard, or not given out free at all, but it shouldn’t be a guessing game for customers.

“There’s nothing worse than ordering a coffee in one place and getting a free ginger biscuit, and then the next day going to another cafe and not getting any at all; where’s the sense in that?” he added.

The Independent Alliance has been calling for the introduction of an equal number of mayonnaise sachets for the past three years, but Fine Gael has resisted the move.