From Today You Can Use Snapchat Filters On Your Passport Photo


GREAT NEWS for people determined to erase all evidence online and offline of their minor and major perceived imperfections as you can now use whatever Snapchat filter you want on your official passport photo.

“Dog filters, whatever, you name it, you can have it,” confirmed one official who admitted this was just the next logical step in accepting how people desperately want to escape what they actually look like.

“This is no different to the difficulty passport control encounter when some 30-year-old lad with a beard and a new set of muscles and tattoos hands over a picture of some scrawny 20-year-old and claims he’s the person in the photo. We’ve given up hope of ever knowing if we’re actually letting the right people through check controls,” the official added.

Instagram filters are soon to be added too as an end is brought to passport photos being the one last photo record or what you actually look like, paving the way for people to erase all knowledge of what their current human form.

Raising interesting philosophical arguments as to the nature of self and how one relates to their own image, the frequency with which people project images of themselves out into the world without any filter has left Irish passport officials with little choice to adopt a more progressive attitude.

Individuals opting for the filtered passport have been reminded that they must still pose with a neutral expression that makes them look like a serial killer and not to smile even if they’re using the dog face filter.