Local Man Only Knows How To Talk At People


A LOCAL WATERFORD man has yet to learn to talk with people in a way that resembles the average conservation humans have, preferring instead to talk in the general direction of people’s faces while not listening to a word they say.

Conor Telkins (25), friends and family confirm, simply volleys endless words and lengthy statements at them which allows him to talk and talk, before waiting for whoever he is talking at to stop so he can begin the process again.

“Bless him, he hasn’t quite grasped it yet but maybe one day he’ll learn how to talk with people, not just at them,” Telkins’s mother, Yvonne told WWN.

“His eyes are always scanning your face for evidence you’re going to shut up again so he can shite on, and when he can’t see any sign of that he just tries interrupting you,” Yvonne added, before admitting she’s just accepted the fact her son is an ignorant bollocks at this stage.

Telkins is believed to one of many Irish people who conduct their communications with their fellow humans in a way they find incredibly frustrating and downright rude.

“What was I saying again, yeah, but yeah, see that shite there online about yer man who’s after getting fired for stupid emails he was sending. I’ll tell you, you’d feel sorry for him, and people can’t fucking take a joke, and everyone’s all ‘the poor women he sent them too’. Grow up. People need to grow up,” Telkins said in response his mother explaining she was nervous about the scan she getting in the hospital tomorrow.