Here’s A Really Thought-Provoking Article You Haven’t Read To Share With Friends So You Can Feel Smart


LOOK, we know you’re busy, and those memes don’t look at themselves so we here at WWN are on hand to help it look like you’re the sort of smart and thoughtful person who reads wordy news pieces dissecting the big events currently affecting the world today and then shares them online, encouraging other people to read them too. Mainly because you want people to think you’re smart, and that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Who needs the hassle of reading these articles, they’re very long. Then having to actually understanding them, the world has too much complex news going on, and finally knowing if you agree with the opinion of the person who wrote it – it’s hard to remember if the internet thinks that person is a visionary polemicist or a piece of shit fraud. So this is where WWN comes in.

We’ve got just the article you need to share so you can bask in the knowledge that if someone in your social circle saw you share it, they’d be all like ‘wow, Dave actually reads about the news and shit like that’. It’s written by that guy who is famous for being pretty smart, but also known for having pretty out there opinions. You remember that viral video of him on some debate show. The article is in that paper that you’re pretty sure aligns nicely with your worldview, whatever that is, and best yet, you’re getting in on the ground level with this think-piece before Ciara from college, who’s always fucking sharing shit like this, shares it first.

You’re going to look pretty intelligent to your social media friends and followers who are equally concerned with presenting a false facade of being constantly engaged in the big issues of the day.

UPDATE: Okay, our bad, turns out that article was actually a thinly veiled piece supporting Eugenics and the murder of all minorities and women. It’s time to come clean and admit we sort of just skimmed the headline and the first line before sending it on to you. Our bad.