Lotto Winner Discovers 47 Cousins He Never Knew He Had


A RECENT Irish winner of a bumper Euromillions jackpot has discovered a double-decker bus full of cousins he was hitherto completely unaware of, WWN can reveal.

Michael Drennan’s extended network of cousins, first cousins, second cousins, step cousins and half cousin twice removed made themselves known to the 37-year-old Tramore native in the hours after news of his big lotto win made rounds in the general Waterford area.

“Yeah my Dad’s old friend Ray, the one he used to play in pool in the pub when I was like 7 or 8, he explained to me that he isn’t just an acquaintance but he is in fact my now deceased father’s brother,” offered Drennan, in dreamland ever since realising he had the winning ticket.

“I’m a big family man, so it’s great to find all these relatives after all these years. And Ray’s been telling about this business idea he has, the guy is full of enthusiasm, however, it’s sad to hear about his cash flow problem. Hope he gets that sorted soon,” Drennan added, before the doorbell at his home rang for 22nd time today.

Drennan’s diluge of cousins marks the first time his extended family have gotten together in years, with the father of two left to lament with great sadness the fact none of them were able to make his mother’s funeral last month.

“Jesus, you’d want to hear the bad luck they all had on the way to Mam’s funeral, so many flat tires on the roads from Dublin, Cork, Galway, the potholes must have been lethal,” added Drennan, who’s trusting nature we’re told will be protected from being exploited by his Mam’s sister’s ex-partner’s eldest son Declan, who for a small fee, can offer 24-hour security protection.

“Ah, you’d only get this in Ireland, it’s great,” remarked Drennan, delighted to see so many of his cousins talk so passionately about how their family tree intersects with Drennan’s, while also sparing time to talk about their various money troubles.