Bloody Working Class At It Again!


IT is our unfortunate duty as an Irish media outlet to inform you, the law-abiding, tax-paying, newspaper-buying public, that those incorrigible working class folks have gotten up to more incorrigible behaviour at the weekend.

WWN has received access to an exclusive video that went viral over the past few days, showing some of those youths in one of those housing estates joyriding around in what we can only assume was a stolen car, probably while drunk on cheap lager or high on class-c drugs, all of which was doubtlessly paid for with your tax money.

Although there have been plenty of reports coming in about how disenfranchised youths in underprivileged areas frequently find themselves engaging in anti-social behaviour due to a mix of anger and rebellion against a society that keeps selling them dreams while stacking the odds against them to an insurmountable degree, WWN are choosing to side with our brothers in the Irish media and write these reckless oafs off as being nothing more than scumbags, not unlike the ones you see on TV or in the newspapers.

“The problem isn’t anything that the government are choosing to ignore or the under-funded guards are turning a blind eye to, it’s these little toerags that deserve to be shot,” said one man we spoke to, who has to drive past a ‘pretty rough’ area every day on his way to his job that his dad set him up with.

“And I’d go so far as to say that it’s not just the twenty or so lads that were joyriding in that viral video, it’s everyone below the poverty line in Ireland, every last single one of them. And who is paying for it? Me and you! Like idiots! And I’ll buy any newspaper that backs up my beliefs!”

Meanwhile, our comments section is open for your opinions and solutions for the matter. If you hurry, you may be the first to use the ‘working class? Never worked a day in their life!’ line.