Check Out This New Moon Rover Designed For Irish Roads


A BRAND new start-up has found an innovative way to overcome the dilapidated state of Irish roads after securing the rights to mass produce NASA’s lunar rovers from the Apollo missions.

The Waterford based company has been given the green light to start production on some 40,000 moon buggies which will be set to roll out on the Irish market by September this year.

The robust vehicle, which was originally designed by NASA scientists to travel over large craters, is expected to become the new mode of transport for rural Ireland, where some potholes have been measured up to 3 meters deep in some areas.

“Thousands of road accidents happen every year due to motorists trying to avoid potholes,” entrepreneur and founder of ‘Culchie Rover’ Tadhg Phelan explained, “so I said to myself ‘why not just use moon rovers instead of cars – the surfaces are almost identical’, so I did”.

Mr. Phelan applied to NASA for the blueprints last year and was granted permission to manufacture the moon buggy for Irish roads.

“All I did was send them a picture of the road outside my house,” he added. “They were so amazed by the similarities between Irish roads and the moon that they are now training astronauts to walk on Irish roads in space suits”.

The new buggies will also be exempt from road tax due to their low carbon emissions and the need to now not fix the millions of potholes on Irish roads, saving the government billions in maintenance costs.