Sign Our Petition To Prevent The Release Of Trump’s Dick Pics


LIKE us, you may have been troubled by claims from former adult actress Stormy Daniels that she not only had a torrid affair with now-president Donald Trump, but that she has photographic evidence as well.

Although Ms. Daniels may feel that she is doing the world a service by bringing to light the web of lies spun by the Trump administration to quieten and discredit her story, WWN are imploring her to not follow through on her legal team’s threat to release these photographs.

The Trump administration may have been elected under the shadow of collusion with a foreign government, right-wing extremism may be emboldened by a president that refuses to condemn their actions, and the presidential office may be hiding a wide range of nefarious back-room dealings, but the world has suffered enough without having to endure the sight of Donald Trump’s penis.

As such, we have started an online petition to plead with Ms. Daniels not to release the photographs. You can find it HERE, and it takes less than 30 seconds to sign. Please share, so that we can send a clear message

We’ve been through enough. We don’t need to see his dick.

Thank you, and may God help us all.