Abortion Is Bad, Do Not Have Abortions [Sponsored]


TOP of the morning to you, fellow Irish people! It’s time to talk about the evil of abortion, and how you guys should think long and hard about your upcoming referendum that would allow widespread baby murder in your country. We mean, our country. The Irish people’s country, that we Irish people share together.

If your prime minister gets his way, women across the country will have the right to terminate their unborn children. The baby will have no defense against this. We think this is wrong, and will do whatever we can to make sure that you guys don’t vote for it. We’re willing to pump as many dollars punts into ensuring that Irish people have the correct information about what they are voting for, as well as the high risk of cancer that women are signing up for when they have a termination.

The pro-killing side would have you believe that a woman should have the right to choose what she does with her body. If that’s the case, then why doesn’t she choose to not have sex? Say some Irish girl who’s a senior in high school goes to her prom, and has unprotected sex in the back seat of her boyfriend’s Mustang. If she gets pregnant, does that mean that she has to right to kill that baby? Jeez you guys, come on.

The upcoming referendum will change the color of the fabric of your society forever, that’s why you must make sure you organize your neighborhood and help them recognize that this behavior is evil and wrong. Ireland, we know that you’ll read messages like this one, and make the right choice for your country instead of listening to propaganda from the pro-infanticide crowd, financed by evil foreign companies.

This message was brought to you by Love Babies, Hate Women Inc, WV.