Here Are Some Of The Reasons We Put The Clocks Forward


BY now we’ve all marveled at the extra bit of light in the evenings, that beautiful brightness a bonus that comes with putting the clocks forward and ushering in Daylight Saving Time and British Summer Time (BST).

But is the act of putting the clocks forward carried out merely to benefit farmers? WWN delved deeper into the meaning of this to discover there are many reasons we play God and toy with the space-time continuum.

In 1871 enough people complained about the extra cost involved with lighting candles

Lighting candles in the morning, before heading to work. Light candles after heading home from work. The cost of candles wasn’t cheap, a tradition in pricing which continues today with Yankee Candles, but it seems industrialist William Clavellan Fairbanks II agreed to allow his workers to put the clocks forward in a bid to keep them happy. More sunlight meant less of their pay packet went on candles.

To curb the rise in flashers and peeping Toms

An early 1900s epidemic of people exposing their genitals in public in the ‘dark hours’ led to a growing attachment to BST, however a solution to September to March based dark hours flashing remains elusive. The extra few hours of light also helped the public clearly identify their local Toms, who had a predilection for spying on people when they were in a state of undress.


It’s something to do with science, which is fascinating when you think about it. We’ve no further information but it is reassuring to know it’s a science thing.


The origins of daylight saving time was never properly recorded by the human race, and instead of admitting they were unaware as to why they were putting the clocks forward, an international committee was put together in order to devise a convincing sounding reason for the practice. After a 12-week conference attended by the world’s leading minds came to an end, ‘farmers’ was the reason put forward to the public, and it was accepted without any questions with the public afraid to admit they didn’t understand the reason.

Because Mam said so

Jesus, we’ve never seen Mam so annoyed when we made her late for work and us late for school by refusing to switch the clocks forward. Not risking that again.