Local Chef Running Out Of Places To Work


A COUNTY Waterford man is currently running out of places to work after once again walking out of another head chef job at a local gastropub, WWN has learned.

Mark Doran, who has been cheffing for the last 16 years, stormed out of Joxer’s Inn on Sunday morning after having an altercation with publican David Hayes, who confronted the hungover 38-year-old over his attitude towards staff and his propensity to give out stink when a meal is returned by a customer.

“Anytime someone wasn’t happy with his food he’d throw a strop, like he was after cooking some Michelin star dish,” one staff member explained, who admitted to being glad to see the back of the ‘miserable cunt’, “like, he was mostly making burgers and chicken wings, stuff a 10-year-old could cook, yet still managed to fuck it up while acting like one.

“He was only working here a wet week and he’s already gone; that’s the 10th head chef we’ve had in two years,” he added, “they’re all so sensitive”.

Speaking to WWN, Mr. Doran pointed to poor management skills for leaving his latest role, but confirmed he has already secured another cheffing job in another pub down the road.

“This is basically my last option now as I’ve worked in every bar and restaurant in the city at this stage,” he admitted, “if this doesn’t work out I’ll probably have to relocate to another city and start afresh… or maybe address my anger management issues, but where’s the fun in that, right?”

UPDATE: Mark Doran has since left his new role over “creative differences” and the fact that “everyone is shit except for him”.